The Personal Myth Project

The joy and curse of loving myth: so many stories, so many interpretations . . . what's a dancing alchemist to do?

From Words, by Maki Horanai
via Paintbox

Inspired by a great little book written by John Yungblut, titled Shaping a Personal Myth to Live By, I'm going to be working on consciously, honestly, and playfully deciding what this beautiful adventure means to me. In particular, I'm going to investigate the following themes: 
  • the meaning and the event of creation
  • what it means to be human
  • how we connect to the Great Mystery
  • what role femininity plays
  • how we address our shortcomings 
  • the meaning of death and the possibility of immortality
These are the themes of the book, and I think they're as good a place to start as any. Yungblut approaches the task from a Christian perspective, so they may suit a Christian personal myth more than other religious orientations. I may add or subtract themes as I go along. 

Are you interested in joining me on this quest? Do you think it's even possible to consciously create a personal myth? 

Join me for a little dance through myth!

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