Thursday, April 4, 2013

Postmodern Hymn: The Earth Forgives

"The World," from the Zombie Tarot

Today's hymn is literally postmodern; it was written by Margaret Atwood for her book The Year of the Flood. It is part of a collection of hymns that members of God's Gardeners sing. While Atwood's invented religion is far from perfect (she says so herself in an interview on To the Best of Our Knowledge), there are aspects of it that clearly are meant to resonate with contemporary culture. The website devoted to the book includes tips on how to become more saintly green, which I love. But there's also the lurking message that no religion is the whole story; no religion can make a perfect human adherent.  

The hymn itself is so simply sweet to my ears. After just a few listens, I feel that John Denver would be a better representative for the God's Gardeners' hymnal, but I do appreciate the critical tone of the hymn.

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