Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stars and Aims

Libra, by Mikalojus Ciurlionis
from his Zodiac Cycle

"I feel my fate; my fate finds me.
I feel my star; my star finds me.
I feel my aims; my aims find me.
My soul and the world are one. . . .

Life will be clearer around me.
Life will be more burdensome for me.
Life will be richer for me."
    —excerpt from "The wishes of the soul are springing," by Rudolph Steiner

I've been feeling lots of uncertainty lately. My job, which inevitably grounds my day, is in the midst of change,  but what kind of change I truly cannot say. I find myself becoming resolved to find my way, to find an anchor and not let life cast me about, if that's not my choosing. I feel like if I work hard enough, the anchor will find me. Not that the anchor will make life any easier, but I think the sensation of grounding above chaotic waves will feel sweet and victorious.

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