Thursday, August 30, 2012

Star Cleaner's Reunion

from The Starcleaner Reunion, by Cooper Edens

Apparently, I'm going through a star phase right now. All of my posts on stars reminded me of my favorite children's book: The Starcleaner Reunion, by Cooper Edens. I was surprised to see on Amazon how little it is read or appreciated. To me, it captures the magic and wildness of childhood. Indeed, this seems to be Edens' goal: "I'm trying to break the dualism of the classic tale. My stories embrace the philosophy that these two worlds exist simultaneously—the real world is a dream and the dream world is real. Because of this, there are no classic quests in my books. I don't have people going away to the dream world and returning to reality."

The story is about a child who joins an angel in cleaning the stars, which have been forgotten and are now dull. But there is a catch at the end—the stars might not really be in the sky . . . 

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