Thursday, August 2, 2012

Language Celestial

Vision, by Katie Scott
via The Idea Foundation

O thou Spirit of Truth, visit our minds once more,
Give us to read in letters of light the language celestial
Written all over the earth, written all over the sky—
Thus may we bring our hearts once more to know our Creator,
Seeing in all things around, types of the Infinite Mind.
    —from "Correspondences," by Christopher Pearce Cranch

When I read this poetic excerpt, I perform a creative misreading in which "Creator" becomes "Creative Ground of Being" and "Infinite Mind" becomes "Infinite Mind-Body." I've had lots of practice hearing my own heretical revisions in my years of church going. I like to think of this process of willful misunderstanding  as recycling worn material for my own use. 

Do you ever imagine what your version of the "Creative Ground of Being" looks like? Would it be the famous giant eyeball? For me, I like to think it has the particular smell of a garden after rain. I rarely seem to break my imagination away from the earth and into the stars.

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