Sunday, May 27, 2012

Admiring: A Woman Who Lived in Her Own Time

Tasha Tudor
(from Miss Moss)

I remember first learning about Tasha Tudor through some TV show, which is somewhat ironic considering she lived such an un-modern life. I remember watching the show, though, and thinking that such a woman couldn't be real, that no one would have the courage or the determination to live life so fully on her own terms. 

I read that she believed she was a re-incarnation of a sea captain's wife, and that this belief somewhat fed her determination to live the way she did. (Was this sea captain her muse and her animus?) She lived in a house without running water or electricity, raised her children and goats and cows and corgis, made candles, baked, gardened, and wrote and illustrated over one hundred books. 

Taking my inspiration a bit from Tasha, I'll be posting less regularly for a while. I need to live in my own time, and not in the time of my computer.

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