Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Admiring: Brave Artist

La Llamada (The Call) , by Remedios Varo
via wikiart
Artworks by Remedios Varo capture inner worlds that aren't always discernible in every day life. I love that she was courageous enough to paint these surreal visions, even if her viewers are as unaware as the citizens sleeping in the city walls, as in La Llamada, above. In many paintings, she honors women for having a connection to creativity and intuition, gifts that seem to come from a higher, otherworldy source.

Sometimes, this connection can make exhausting, inescapable demands, as in Papilla Estellar below. The woman feeds the moon ground up stars, but neither the moon nor the woman look particularly healthy or happy.
Papilla Estellar ("Celestial Pabulum"), by Remedios Varo
Sometimes, men are able to harness the "female" connection to dreams and creativity, but, as suggested in Troubador, they don't always feel safe in what they are doing.

Troubador, by Remedios Varo
Regardless of whether you agree with her differentiation of the genders, I do think it's true that getting in touch with dreamworlds can be scary and uncomfortable. Hence, my admiration for Remedios—she was truly a heroic artist.

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