Thursday, April 19, 2012

Food for the Soul: Spring Onions and Eggs

Plate V, by John Ridgway
 from Charles Bendire's Life Histories of North American Birds, 
With Special Reference to Their Breeding Habits and Eggs
via Classic Nature Prints

This past Saturday, our farmer's market opened up for the spring. At this time, there isn't much available for us besides greens of different sorts—lettuce, broccoli, spring onions. I think one of the best ways to celebrate early spring is to make a simple dish of sauteed spring onions and poached eggs. (It works best with spring onions that have grown bigger than the regular scallions you get at the grocery story and with orange-yolk eggs that have come from healthy chickens.)

All you do is halve the onions length-wise and sautee them until they're carmelized and tender. In the meantime, poach two eggs for each person. (We have a handy egg-poacher that my father-in-law got us after I had a slight melt down in the kitchen one breakfast . . . Word to the wise: don't try to poach eggs at altitude—they'll never set!) Go ahead and toast some bread to soak up the egg yolk when you're done with the main event.

The beauty of this dish is that the flavors are sweet and delicate, and the textures are also soft and tender, so the final combination is a celebration of all that is new this season. Eat it and give thanks for all that's new and tender and just beginning to grow in your life.

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