Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day of the Fool

The Fool, by Beatriz Inglessis

Happy April Fool's Day!

How wonderful is it that our culture has a day to celebrate fools and jokes? Because aren't we all "fools" in some way or another? Isn't the joke always on us? We go through life, thinking we're somehow different from all the other crazy people out there, but we're not any different! 

In the tarot world, the major cards of the deck tell the story of the Fool's journey towards wisdom and understanding. Unlike some hero born for greatness, the Fool starts out with very little besides hope and a smile on his face.

Often there is a small dog following behind the Fool, nipping at his heels or pulling at his pants. I like to think of the dog as the trickster, or the un-integrated parts of ourselves that like to make jokes at our expense. 

Today, honor the Fool by noticing how many times the joke's on you, and then laugh and enjoy the journey. 

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