Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At Home, At Sea

At Home at Sea, by Timothy Karpinski

I'm still thinking about the sea these days. Timothy Karpinski's art captures the question I think I've been asking, which is, Can I make a home and a place of steadiness in a constantly changing life? Can I be comfortable in not knowing much at all?

"On the Sea-Shore. I would not build myself a house (it is an element of my happiness not to be a house-owner!). If I had to do so, however, I should build it, like many of the Romans, right into the sea, - I should like to have some secrets in common with that beautiful monster."

    —The Gay Science, #240, Frederich Nietzsche


  1. What a lovely quote and sentiment! Building a home on the fringe between the ocean and the beach seems the appropriate way of thinking about this: courting the changing while trying to save a foothold on something more firm. This is mighty tough, though -- there's a reason Nietzsche calls it "living dangerously"!

    1. I'm glad you liked the post! It does sound like "living dangerously," but then again the alternative, thinking your life is steady when it really isn't, seems equally dangerous, don't you think?



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