Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3: Self-Sufficiency

Pyramid in Space, by Nick Nelson
via Society 6

Welcome to the third installment on my series of numbers, based on The Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe

One of the reasons I love The Beginner's Guide is that it is filled with great factoids that make me feel like that little boy in Jerry Maguire. For example, did you know our pelvis acts as a keystone on top of our legs, supporting our body? Just like keystones in arches? You did? Well aren't you a smarty-pants. Go visit the website above and see how many other facts you already knew.

The ability for triangular shapes to support themselves in space leads to several interrelated principles, such as an emergent unity out of opposites. You can see this on the level of the human self, as the whole "spirit-soul-body" cluster that we like to break ourselves into. We could even invent new human self trinities. How about "beauty-delight-action"?

But there's no need to stop with the human self as self-sufficient living thing, because really the human self isn't self-sufficient. There's also the self-sufficient universe . . . I wonder what kind of trinitarian name you could give for that. Any suggestions?

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