Sunday, March 18, 2012

2: The Moment of Creativity

Earth Prayers, by Francene Hart

In this second installment of my numbers series, based on The Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe, we will look at the vesica piscis as the symbol of duality.

A visica piscis is created by drawing two circles, each of whose center point is on the circumference of the other. Drawing a vesica piscis allows you to draw a line, and then triangles, squares, and so one, if you're following classical geometry.

"This almond space is the crucible of the creating process. . . . It brings forth shapes and patterns from the archetypal world of ideal geometry. . . . For this reason it has also been called the womb of Chaos, the womb of the Goddess of the Night, and the mouth that speaks the word of creation."

What's amazing is how much art and architecture uses this shape. One of my favorite examples is the doorways of gothic cathedrals. Doors in this shape symbolize a passing through from one world to the next. Check out the link to the Beginner's Guide above to explore more examples of this shape.

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