Sunday, March 11, 2012

1: The Seed Point

Circles, 1926, by Wassily Kandinsky
via Bauhaus

Welcome to a new series. I'm reading The Beginner's Guide to Creating the Universe, and I will be posting a little segment on each number 1 through 10, as I work through the book. I love this book because it incorporates myth, art, science, and geometry, and it encourages you to "create the universe" with your compass and straightedge. By mindfully creating simple shapes and recognizing patterns, perhaps I can live a little more harmoniously in the world.

Here is Michael Schneider's meditation on drawing a circle, the symbol of unity:

"To construct a symbolic universe, begin with a point, the circle's essence. . . . A true point is impossible to draw, having absolutely no dimension, not length, width, or height. . . . The point is the source of our whole of wholes. It is beyond understanding, unknowable, silently self-enfolded. But like a seed, a point will expand to fulfill itself as a circle. . . . Ponder the point as a seed enfolding a sacred mystery."

In this post-modern world, points and centers aren't very fashionable, but I like the idea of the center being illusory and unknowable. Is our center an unsolvable mystery?

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