Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Cosmic Egg of Creation

Cosmos, by Hildegarde von Bingen

Above is Hildegarde's vision of the universe: "round and shadowy . . . pointed at the top, like an egg . . . its outermost layer of a bright fire."

What I love about Hildegarde's religion was how filled with viriditas (fertility, fecundity) it was. She was a knowledgeable herbalist and healer, and she used her music to heal and uplift listeners. I think many of her ideas would be seen as novel today; just imagine a woman chanting in an infirmary in this modern world.

If  you're at all interested in her life, I would recommend the movie Vision. It is visually beautiful and gives, what seemed to me, an honest account of her intellectual, spiritual, and social life.

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