Friday, February 24, 2012

Artful Folding

by Akira Yoshizawa
via Origami Maniacs

"I also want to make in origami the joy of living. In Buddhism we call it 'throwing your body to the ground to thank God.' It might be a little hard to understand, but that's the feeling I've been searching for and trying to put into origami my whole life."
    —Akira Yoshizawa, in Origami: From Anglefish to Zen

Akira Yoshizawa is famous for revolutionizing the art of origami. He invented the wet-folding technique and created the diagram system that is used today for origami directions. What I really love about him is his almost mystical concern for the living world—the story goes that he would create animals not with a goal of simply mimicking their outward appearance, but with an understanding of how the animals developed out of single-cell beginnings. 

"There are two ways to the style of Zen living. One is to know the space around you, to know the world, and accept it. We all inhale the same air, for one thing, so we share nature with one another. The other way is to know yourself, your feelings, and what's inside you. . . . If you know yourself and at the same time love nature and the people around you, the two ways of Zen will be united."
    —Akira Yoshizawa, in Origami: From Anglefish to Zen

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