Sunday, January 22, 2012

Robertson Davies' Magian World View

Love, Desire, and Death, by Georges Barbier
via Orbs of Zenith

"[The Magian World View] was a sense of the unfathomable wonder of the invisible world that existed side by side with a hard recognition of the roughness and cruelty and day-to-day demands of the tangible world. It was a readiness to see demons where nowadays we see neuroses, and to see the hand of a guardian angel in what we are apt to shrug off ungratefully as a stroke of luck. It was religion, but a religion with a thousand gods, none of them all-powerful and most of the ambiguous in their attitude toward man. It was poetry and wonder which might reveal themselves in the dunghill, and it was an understanding of the dunghill that lurks in poetry and wonder."
    —World of Wonder, by Robertson Davies

Have you read any of Robertson Davies' books? Or seen any of his plays? I just finished the Deptford Trilogy, and I really love his orientation toward the world. I have tried to find good quotations to share, but I find his ideas surprisingly difficult to whittle down into a simple excerpt; the one above just doesn't do him justice. So, you must read some of his works for yourselves!

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