Monday, January 16, 2012

The Humility of Religious Minimalism

Psalm Print: Exaudi. Domine, by Damien Hirst

How do we reconcile science and religion? How do we reconcile a plurality of religions? 

Philip Clayton and Steven Knapp, in "Science, Religion, and Religious Minimalism" offer their advice:

"All of us, no matter what we believe, stand outside traditions to which the vast majority of other human beings belong. The lesson to draw from this inescapable fact of the human condition is the need for a profound humility about one's own beliefs, especially when they are the kinds of beliefs that one cannot fully test in the company of others. . . . We suggest that the humility of religious minimalism is the right stance for everyone, believers and non-believers alike, to adopt."

What I like about this call for minimalism is that it leaves so much space for day-to-day experience. Perhaps a more minimalist view would allow us to enjoy each moment as it comes, without a bulky mythology added.

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