Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Habits in Space

Photograph from the collection Modern Life of the Soul, by Melanie Bonajo
via The Ornamism Project

Have you heard the NPR story "What Vietnam Taught Us about Breaking Bad Habits"? The gist is that our habits can be tied to specific places, as in the couch as a place to sit and eat ice cream, and that changing the environment can give you a chance to consciously change your behavior. 

The story makes me see my home in a new light. What behaviors am I reinforcing? (Rather than worrying about New Year's resolutions, I think I'd better start by seeing things a little more clearly!)

It also makes me think about building an altar more seriously; they're one place in the home that can help you re-mind yourself and "alter" your habits. The altar wouldn't need to be sculptural—it could also be a flat work of art—it seems like the important part of such a space would be your response to it.

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