Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Poet Speaking through the Piano

Swedish Bonad
via Cupboards and Roses

Can you imagine what it would be like to lose your ability to speak? Now imagine if you could use music to regain some of your means of communication.

Tomas Tranströmer, a Swedish poet, was awarded the Nobel Prize, but because of a stroke, he was unable to give an acceptance speech. Instead, his poetry was set to music. I wish I could find a video somewhere . . .

At least I've been able to find some of his poetry, which I really like.

“Sketch in October”
The tugboat is freckled with rust. What’s it doing here so far inland?
It’s a heavy extinguished lamp in the cold.
But the trees have wild colors: signals to the other shore.
As if someone wanted to be fetched.

On my way home I see mushrooms sprouting through the grass.
They are fingers, stretching for help, of someone
who has long been sobbing alone down in the darkness.
We are the earth’s.

    —from The Great Enigma, translated by Robin Fulton; via ABC News

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