Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hope Is a Thing That Floats Like a Balloon

Let's face it, life is about flux and change, and it takes serious hope to see an overarching narrative to discontinuous events. Everyday I can't say for certain what the next day will look like.

Even when things feel pretty steady, it takes a certain amount of bravery to be present in the moment and to accept that the moment will soon be gone.

That's where the balloons come in. Balloons are great cheery symbols of hope. I knew someone who described her partner as her "mylar balloon." We all need someone to be our cheerleader and our messenger of hope, but even more, we need to adopt that encouraging voice within ourselves.  

Boy with Balloons, by Kamala Kannan, via National Geographic

It also helps to remember that whatever situation we're in is a human condition shared by more people than we could ever imagine. Accepting where we are and what we're feeling is what feeds our compassion and what makes life beautiful.

Hot Air Balloon, by Bruce Dale, via National Geographic

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