Friday, October 7, 2011

Admiring: Ladies Who Love to Dance

I visited my Nanna at her retirement community last week so that I could hear some of the classic tunes of her generation as played by the local piano sensation. (I totally recommend bonding with family through song. There's nothing like seeing your grandmother get teary eyed at "I'll Being Seeing You" to give you a picture into her world.)

One of the best parts of the afternoon was seeing one of Nanna's friends dancing to the tunes. She'd dance in line as she waited for her cocktail shrimp. She'd dance in her chair. And then when a gent asked her to dance, she got up and moved her feet with such quickness you'd think she was a young woman. She even did the Charleston bees-knees step. She was a star. It didn't hurt that she was wearing glasses like Bono, either.

This is who I want to be when I get older—someone who'll take any opportunity to enjoy life that's given to her.

Billy Wells and Janet Richter doing the Charleston, Life Magazine, 1952
via Letters for George

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