Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Smarty-pants words

I believe words have a way of mediating our reality. From playing with words to learning new words (in my native English language or a foreign one), becoming aware of words helps me realize that the words I choose have a profound effect on how I define myself and the world, as well as how others see me.

So, given how powerful words can be, I love the idea of the Word Project of Polly M. Law (found via Sue du Jour). It introduces viewers to new vocabulary through pictures as whimsical as the words themselves. 

Here are my favorite pieces:

"Dinomania: (n) irresistable urge to dance," by Polly Law

"Empyreal: (adj) celestial, elevated," by Polly Law

I wonder how she would illustrate some of my favorite words:

terpsichorean  (adj.) Of or relating to dancing. n. A dancer.
oneiromancy  (n.) The practice of predicting the future through interpretation of dreams.

What are words you'd like to see illustrated?

1 comment:

  1. My word art:
    Heautocratic: rule of the self by the self.

    I like it here that the word is dependent upon the image to convey meaning. I think this simulates our understanding much better than words separate from an image.



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