Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cosmic Dancer

The Dance, by Esti of Pintameldia

There's a beautiful paper called "Dancing in God: The Relevance of Ritual for Conceiving the Divine Today," by Curtis Thompson on the University of Chicago's Religion and Web Culture Forum page.

The challenges, as Thompson sees them:
  • to address daily practices often considered unreligious
  • to confront dis-ease with being embodied, i.e., translate the divine back into nature
The modalities of dancing:
  • pantheism's dancing heart: the dancer affirms God's presence in everything
  • panentheism's dancing mind: the dancer affirms God's transcendental embodiment, interdependent from the world
  • pantranentheism's dancing soul: the dancer affirms God's transformational presence and her partnership with God
The conclusion:
  • "To allow the dancing heart and the dancing mind and the dancing soul to coalesce in a full-bodied dancing in God is to join in the sacred dance of the cosmos."
The Tree Inside Her, by Esti of Pintameldia

Read the article for all the juicy details. This summary is simply meant to inspire an attitude of frolicking, leaping, and generally joyful living!

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