Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flowers and Skulls

What is it about the juxtaposition of flowers and skulls that's so engaging and haunting?

"Life is short; even the most beautiful of creations will die"—this is what I hear these compositions say.

Antler no. 6986, by Kari Herer

"Even the most delicate of creations has a surprising strength and resilience."

Antler Drawing and Flower Photograph 4226, by Keri Herer,
via decor8 and going home to roost

Of course, Georgia O'Keefe, the great artist of New Mexico, is famous for these themes.

Ram's Head, White Hollyhock, and Little Hills, by Georgia O'Keefe,
via this mama makes stuff

Summer Days, by Georgia O'Keefe
via endless me

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